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Watch Dr. Jeenam Shah Pulmonologist/Chest Physician, explain about the current situation of Coronavirus Disease in the world with special focus on India. Also explained are the facts and myths and how to prevent yourself and community from getting infected.

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BA   Bringle Academy - 9 months ago

Please check your risk and pass this on to others

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BA   Bringle Academy - 9 months ago

Please enrol in the community here for more information and doctor advices here 

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BA   Bringle Academy - 9 months ago

A great step by our government.

India's very own Covid19 situation dashboard.

Don't fall for baseless rumors. Check the facts here:

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BA   Bringle Academy - 9 months ago

Please share this LIVE Conversation with Dr. Jeenam Shah about what to take care for some critical information about Coronavirus

Do join the community to get more information at

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SG   Simran Gupta - 9 months ago

For checking your coronavirus risk click here