Unleash the Kaleidoscopic view of Sustainable Businesses in 21 Days

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Unleash the Kaleidoscopic view of Sustainable Businesses in 21 Days

In the next 21 days, #BringleBlendedMeetups along with Womenlines.com is driving the Business Sustainability Program

This Program will provide the Kaleidoscopic view of the business to the small or big enterprises, startups, entrepreneurs and business owners etc. 

The program is divided into four parts 

1. Thought Leadership

2. Customer Experience 

3. Process Transformations

4. Value Generations 

along with a culmination event. 

#BringleBlendedMeetups Platform having a presence in 140+ countries and 200+ million viewers and will be used to promote the program

As you keep watching the everyday sessions with multiple experts talking about business it will create the kaleidoscopic experience of your business. You will be able to see your own business in newer form.

Let’s join the hands to make this world a better place to live and flourish.You can check more details and enroll here for joining our 21days free sessions

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My name is Anshav Jain and I'm into Digital Transformation Consultant with 17+ years of Corporate Experience and 7+ years of Entrepreneurship Journey 
I Accept this Business Sustainability 21 Days challenge and give my commitment to be available from 5-6pm IST every day for the next 21 days and take a pledge to help atleast 3 of my close friends and family members to take this challenge as well
I have joined the global community of experts at www.bringleacademy.com/course/BusinessSustainability and would be coming LIVE on YouTube channel www.youtube.com/BringleTalks 
I would request all of you to take a pledge today and repost in your groups
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If you want anything other than the topic shared by us, allow us to help you get in touch with the experts. Bringle is here to make your 21 days valuable and filled with opportunities.

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What the theme is business sustainability ?

Sustainability is the word that has the entire world in it which makes a business upside down or other way. To make it simple imagine  attaing sustainability in business is like making the boat above the sea level until your reach the shore.

What is the key that core team believes as the outcome of this challenge ?

Our goal as a core is to pass the approach to make a business sustainable and that's is the way this 21day challenge has been structured to get the pearls of wisdom from it and align themselves to follow their destiny.

What's this #BringleBlendedMeetups ? Is it a new concept write other meetups ?

It's new which is a mix of offline, online modes including the eLearning as well as live streaming capabilities for the outreach.

What are these 5 stages in your program Design Your Unicorn ?

I would like to share the thought process behind the 5 stage approach as such most of the time we start race with time to reach the destiny faster but we forget to make the journey more structured and evolving to adapt to the business situations. So we have taken the advantage of color coding and the stage to reflect the realistic expectations of the startup. Just to summarize the 5 steps

Stage1 The White Belt : This is entry point for every founder or startup to get the idea validated and create the roadmap for making it unique and solving the problem.

Stage2 The Yellow Belt : Every founder or startup to get the idea transformed into more tangible means like a minimum viable product for the crucial decision GO or NoGo for market launch with lot of customers in mind.

Stage3 The Green Belt : Every founder or startup must stick to the decision and put all efforts to commercialize the idea and to have organic customers and early revenues to be green for survival.

Stage4 The Blue Belt : Every founder or startup to put all his efforts to goes the revenues consistently and attain the stage of sustainability to create the blue ocean for themselves.

Stage5 The Black Belt : Every founder or startup can fuel their success story so far and this needs attention for the leadership, emotional intelligence, process orchestration and many more required to attain the capabilities to get there and grow into universe.

What is the Pearl of Wisdom that you are gathering in your everyday session ?

Its 100 speakers and 100 thoughts so the entire property would be taken globally through our various TV/OTT/Radio media channel network which is currently around 200+ million viewership in 140+ countries...  

How will you continue this momentum of #21Days Challenge of Business Sustainability ?

The response has been outstanding and we have been contacted by many Industries to drive such activities for them, also few alliances are on the way.

What is Bringle Transformation ?

The organisations has to keep reviewing and reworking on the business model with the People, Process and Technology aspect. Bringle Transformation with its team of experts Integrates the Business & other three aspects.

What does Vardaan4u do as a partner with BRINGLE?

BRINGLE has the infrastructure - the platform - and Vardaan4u uses this infra to

·         Assist People with Disabilities

·         Assist Women to begin/restart their careers

·         Look at helping dropouts to restart their learning process

How does BRINGLE platform help in enhancing learning in the disability sector?

We have tried to make the platform easy to use for persons with disabilities by

·         Putting videos on YouTube as a standard. YouTube has closed captions / subtitling as a standard practice in 150+ languages so that deaf people can use the videos independently.

·         Similarly if you are using a laptop or a smart phone then there is Voice recognition as a tool. So are sticky keys with Windows as an option. We do have screen readers and voice recognition software already existing for the blind.

What are the future plans for the platform to be made more inclusive?

We look at continuous improvements to our services and the platform is one such service for Vardaan4u to offer. I am looking to integrate voice within the platform, and for people like me who use one hand predominantly, some key strokes / short cuts that can be added.



AJ   Anshav Jain - 9 months ago

My name is Anshav Jain and I'm into Digital Transformation with 17+ years of Corporate Experience and 7+ years of Entrepreneurship Journey 


I Accept this #BusinessContinuity 21 Days challenge and give my commitment to be available from 5-6pm IST every day for the next 21 days. I am accepting this 21 Days Business Continuity Challenge and take a pledge to help atleast 3 of my close friends and family members to take this challenge as well


I have joined the global #community of experts at www.bringleacademy.com/course/BusinessContinuity and would be coming LIVE on YouTube channel www.youtube.com/BringleTalks




#Motivate others as well to take the same pledge...and copy paste the same by changing your name and introduction.


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AJ   Anshav Jain - 9 months ago

What would you suggest to this #Entrepreneur ? 


1 product ready 

3+ Year old organization 

10+ products in development 

10+ Offices 

50+ Sales team 

250+ employees


But ZERO Revenues



For any support, do watch the daily #21DaysBusinessSustainabilityChallenge at www.youtube.com/BringleTalks


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