360 Degree Startup

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About Course

Entrepreneurship Garage and Bringle Academy are bringing the world’s biggest “Studentpreneur Challenge” where students from cross border countries will compete to pitch investors from cross border investors for funding. We see students rub many ideas on the ground. Where they seek support in encouraging their ideas and shaping to take to the market. And here we  are, to take your idea to the next stage.

A purposeful action plan to enter the new market, new customer segment and succeed is the strategy. What problems does your product or service solve for the people? Have you validated it?  Do you know 42% of the startups that are nonperforming did not solve a problem?

Do you think entrepreneurs working in a controlled environment with path-breaking guidance would improve their chances of success?


G-Ignite offers you a comprehensive program that increases the chances of successful launch of your product or service, reduces the time to market and helps you develop a well-defined plan for your organisation & prepares you for GTM- Go to Market. 

Though this program is for aspiring entrepreneurs as well as startups that are in Idea, Research, POC, MVP stage.


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Who should take part

  • Students who have an idea, seeking for help to shape the idea and get investments can apply 
  • Students looking to get into a better profiled job can apply too, because today it's an advantage for companies if a candidate enter’s their organisation with an entrepreneurial mindset. 
  • Students who is passionate to learn and want to get groomed towards entrepreneurship should definitely take part
  • As said “Participation is more important than winning”. 

Why should i take part

  • You will experience the first of its kind learning process towards entrepreneurship. 
  • You will get in to the pitch ring along with us
  • You will know where you stand, how better you stand from others and are you here to rule the stand. 
  • A right platform for you to project your idea for investments 
  • Certificate of participation will be provided